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Bring What's Hidden Into The Light

The Raven is the master magician and keeper of secrets. Like all birds, they are the messengers from the heavens to the earth. When Ravens show up, they guide us to go within and bring whats unknown in the shadows into the light. They help us to bring the difficult necessary changes in order to shape shift our lives into our highest purpose Creation is calling us to. The Raven shows how to bring what we once thought were only dreams into a reality. By soaring deep into the depths of our souls, it is the Raven Spirit that brings forth the dark into the light for the deepest healing which will in turn open the door to our biggest power. Rebirth, renew, and transform without fear.

I can help you
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Wise Woman Network

WWN is a community for women who are awakening their inner Goddess and are seeking guidance and community in the process.


I created WWN so that I could build a safe, online community where I can teach spiritual truths and share daily guidance for women seeking to awaken their own intuition and connection to the divine. 

While I cover some esoteric topics like the Tarot and Astrology, I also teach how to get in tune with yourself, with Spirit, how to create ritual, and form your own daily spiritual practice through igniting the divine goddess within you- something that the patriarchy has forced us to dim in order to rob us of our power. Women are meant to gather, to share, to lift each other up. We are spiritual by nature and life comes easiest to us when we are our power. Don't allow the patriarchy to rob you any more. Join us in supporting each other on this journey. 


Helping People Find Their Path...

I have always been in tune with the spirit realm since I was little, but it took until my twenties to really start developing my skills. While I went through a lot of difficult times on my path, I use all of these situations for the good of humanity. Becoming in tune with the spirit realm is what helped me to get through these times and learn how to use them for the good. I have now dedicated my life to helping others either find their path, get through blocks on their current one ,and help them to realize their own power during their struggles. While divination and Spirit Communication are my specialties, I use these practices as a tool of healing and transformation, not just future prediction. You have the power to control your destiny, and with the right tools you can shapeshift your life exactly how you want it. The goal in my practice is to empower everyone I meet to walk in their full potential and power!


“All I can say is wow! I got my reading 4 days ago and I’m still in awe. Mariesa connected with the questions I asked on another level. She definitely has a true gift. Everything that I asked I got a full confirmation answer. Before my readings I was very unclear with a few paths in my life and after my reading it was like a new door was opened because of the very detailed confirmations i got from her! A true true gift. I can’t wait for what the future has for me and I’m definitely more open now to trusting the universe and the process”

Mindy, FL


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