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Full Moon in Libra Eclipse

Updated: Mar 26

Meet up date: March 24th 5:30 pm @ Mztyk's house

Actual Full Moon Date: March 25th 3am at 5 degrees Libra

This Full Moon is extra potent because it is an eclipse with the South Node. This means that it as an absolute ending of something. Eclipses tend to cause abrupt changes in life, and when its with the South Node it means its something that is outdated and needs to leave. It is most likely something that you have been hanging onto for some time now that you know you deep down isn’t aligned, and since you can’t make the decision to part with it the universe is going to force it on you. This can be through a perceived crisis, but doesn’t have to be. Things that end during and eclipse end for good. Especially since this one is in libra, it is about karmic contracts we have. This can be with lovers especially, but also with friends, yourself and workspace agreements. You can find yourself leaving a job, a relationship, or a friendship circle. 

For this Circle, I of course want to focus on YOU. 

We all have karmic contracts with our own selves, agreements we put in place so that we can have set limitations in our life because things feel safer that way. 

The life you have right now is the exact result of the person you are in every way, shape, and form. 

This means all the great things, and also all the bad. 

What is your dream life? What is the life you fantasize about that you want to have? Maybe you don’t even fantasize about a dream life- which is a problem in and of itself, because that means  your just floating thru life with no real goal. 

Take a moment to write up your dream life you want to live. Take some time with this. Don’t think so small because you think it can never happen. 

Next, write up the woman who has that life. What does she act like? What does she dress like? Is she well spoken? Outgoing? Laughing a lot? Define her in great detail! Her personality, her looks, what she drives, all of it. Save this list, you will need in for the New Moon next month. 

Now for your full moon assignment: The old self. 

The person you are now has created the exact life you currently have. The good and the bad. The person you are now does not align with the new person you have described above. Your current self has traits and agreements in place to stop you from having the life you want because somewhere you hold the belief that its impossible or you don’t deserve it. In order to step into a new life you have to let go of your current self. 

Make a list describing you. What are the beliefs you currently hold about life? About love? About money? What are some of the wounds you have and what beliefs have these solidified in your mind? Make an extensive list. Examples could be: “takes life too seriously” “believes money is hard to make” “believes its hard to make friends” “has a pessimistic outlook on life” “doesn’t take care of my needs/body/self” “has no boundaries, lets people walk all over her” “doesn’t speak her mind”…etc. Spend a lot of time with this list, for this is what will be going into the fire.

This will also be a time to burn any letters you want to write to people that you want to cut ties with or to dissolve any type of cord or trauma with. Write them a letter and get out all your feelings to them. We will off this letter to the fire and allow her to burn it away from us.

This is a portion of what I will be teaching sunday. If you are local and coming in person bring your list to burn. I will have you re-write this in a different way and there will also be time to write a letter to someone you want to release.

If you are not local, you can participate together in this ritual over zoom, and burn your lists at home or email them to me to burn on your behalf. I will not read them as they are private to you, but I understand if you are not comfortable in sending such private emotions and thoughts. But know it is an option!

Here is the Zoom link to the event:

Please do not share this with anyone. Thank you!

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