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Full Moon in Scorpio

Updated: Apr 21

This full moon is a big wrap up of the winter months. It means that all that was supposed to die off and transform itself over the winter is now finally coming to a close or end. If you haven't noticed that all these energies in April have really been a reflection of this. Transformation and letting go is the name of the game right now. When the universe asks us to do this, it is asking us to get rid of those expired things we are keeping passed their due date. 

Scorpio energy is the energy of death and rebirth. It teaches us a lot about transmutation, about cycles. This energy can bring a lot of wisdom to our lives or absolutely ruin us. It is all up to us.

This Full Moon circle I am going to be teaching on the art of transformation and how to use our life situations together with inner alchemy to allow for the most growth and expansion. As women we are the best at this, but our inner knowing has been silenced by the world we live in. 

Let's tap back into this together.

Meeting time: Sunday April 21 at 3pm EST on both Zoom and in person.

Topic: Full Moon in Scorpio

Time: Apr 21, 2024 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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