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Meditation as Magick

Before you begin to dabble in magick, work with spirits, or do anything of the sort, it's a good idea to get your meditation and visualization practice down. One of the most important parts of ritual is visualization. What is it your trying to manifest? How well can you see it in your minds eye playing out? Can you feel and see it? How vividly? Do you trust what your seeing is already happening?

In the age of social media, your brain is constantly being trained to change images every couple seconds. Tiktok and Instagram are the worst of them. You see a new image or video, with short little clips lasting 5-10 seconds, and then on to the next. This trains our brains to have short attention spans. You will quickly find yourself unable to focus during meditations, with your brain constantly wanting to change what it is thinking about. How many times a day do you catch yourself replaying an image or video in your mind that you saw on social media? Is this even useful information? We are in the age of OVER information now, with so much unnecessary bullshit crossing our eyes, absorbing into our brains, and taking up valuable memory space. How many times a day are you opening up social media to receive information from a random person on a screen? The phone screen has replaced the screen of your third eye, random strangers have replaced your own inner knowing and that of Spirit. You're receiving from humans instead of from the Gods/Higher Self.

This creates a weak mind. Weak minds are easily manipulated. Weak minds can not create their realities. A weak mind surely can not manifest magick.

A huge part of manifestation is visualization. Being able to vividly see what it is you're trying to create. In ritual you are commanding reality to be changed, not begging for something to happen, behind a wimpy voice of half belief. You are certain what you are doing is going to happen. You are bending the current reality to your will.

How can you do that without focus and meditation? Are you envisioning that outcome every single day? Or after a week do you give up? Are you spending any time at all in silent meditation visualizing your request as if it is happening now?

I feel like the with the social media spiritual community, it has made people think spellwork is lighting a candle with some basil on it and calling it a day. There is so much more that goes into this.

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