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New Moon in Gemini

Updated: Jun 5

This New Moon is exactly conjunct with Venus in Gemini. We have a lot of new Gemini Energy pouring in towards us this week! Jupiter just moved into Gemini, Mercury enters Gemini on Monday which is his natural sign, and then Thursday at 8:30am we have our New Moon together with Venus. This is going to give an excellent vibe for seeds you want to plant right now that will grow over the next 6 months. 

Gemini has to do with partnerships, business, friendships, siblings, and learning. It also can have a dualistic nature, which shows our shadow side. This New Moon can strike up a new beginning with our shadow self and how we view her, and how we just might learn to come into partnership with her to co-create the life we want.

For this moon circle I am going to talk for a bit about our shadow, and probably not in the way your used to hearing. For the most part when you read about the "shadow self" or "shadow work" its in relation to "healing" it in some way, or worse yet, controlling it- which actually just solidifies the duality that there's a part of you thats bad and unworthy and needs to be changed in order for "good things" to happen. 

This of course, is bullshit. 

When you get to a place where you can actually just accept your shadow, it's when true alchemy can begin. When you accept her AS-IS, you come to terms with who you truly are and can now create life from a place of wholeness rather than from just part of yourself.

With all this Gemini energy it's a perfect time to dive into this, and with Venus we will discuss how this shows up in our love life, finances, and value systems, as well as how we value our own self. 

Let's embrace our Shadow on this Dark Moon together, and begin the great work- Solve et Coagula

Topic: New Moon in Gemini!

Time: Jun 5, 2024 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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