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New Moon in Taurus

May is going to be an exhilarating month! A lot of unexpected change can occur. This New Moon is activating the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction which was going on the month of April. Freedom you gained from things in your life during that month was to enable you to start these new beginnings now. Let's release the old together. 

New Moons are a time of darkness. When we go within. Our bodies respond as women by bleeding out the old- we shed the lining of what we use to create life in this world. Blood represents both life and death. It is truly matching the nature of the woman, as we create this cycle each month alongside the moon.

Going forward, for each New Moon gathering, I would like to center it around shedding. To hold space for each other to vent what we need to get out. 

We will all take turns, (you can also just listen and hold space if you are not ready to share) and release what is bothering us inside. If you would like to just vent and have no one respond to you other than a "we hear your voice!" you can do that. If your looking for wisdom from someone who has been where you have been, you can ask for that. If you want validation for your feelings you can receive that. 

You have to shed if you truly want new life to form. Let's do this together. 

Wednesday, May 8th @ 9pm

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