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New Moon with Sirius

Updated: Jul 9

This New Moon can be one that changes EVERYTHING for you in the next 6 months. Seeds planted now can bring in much abundance when its harvest time. 

For this circle I would like to make and bless sigils with you guys. Think about the type of transformation you would like to see in the next 6 months. This can be in multiple areas of your life. List them all out.

As a group we are going to create a sigil or symbol that represents this new life for you. I can help assist if needed. We will take the time to draw this out in group, even if you can only attend over zoom. If you are creating this digitally you need the ability to print.

A good way to activate this sigil is over herb incense. Sirius specifically rules over mugwort, so if you have this it will be great in getting this spiritus attention. Also adding cinnamon and bay leaf for blessings and success. It is important to fumigate this, so even if you need to use a temple incense stick that is fine.

Passcode: TN9pL^y5

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