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Summer Solstice Moon!

Updated: Jun 21

This Full Moon is the Summer Solstice! It will set the tone for the summer. It's involvement with Venus makes this a good time to destroy your limiting beliefs in love and money matters. Think back to around January 11, what was going on during that time? This will be coming to it's fullness now, and the harvest of these efforts you will begin to see throughout the summer!

For this Full Moon we are going to release our limiting beliefs that are holding us back when it comes to Love and Money (Venus topics). What is it we are TRULY believing on these topics? Let's allow the full light of the moon expose what we have hidden in the shadows so we can cleanse ourselves of them and not let them interfere with the harvest of the summer!

Friday 6/21 at 9 pm EST over Zoom we will meet! I will channel a message and we will do a ritual together to enhance these energies!

Passcode: t.z^3@j9

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