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Your Inner Lunatic

As the Eclipse's rolled through I began to feel an extreme shift in my mind. For those of you that follow astrology accounts on social media, especially on Tiktok, you probably witnessed hundreds of insane videos, even by non astrologers, building up this eclipse as some gigantic event and saying some pretty radical things. I mean, some of the videos I saw were jaw dropping. People had this nothing short of a zombie apocalypse. The funny things is, while these people think they are educating others on what the eclipse is going to do, this behavior in itself stemmed from the eclipse happening. This is the reason eclipse's are seen as a bad omen. People's behavior begin to act crazy. If your someone who struggles with anxiety, depression, or other mind struggles, you will have probably noticed an uptick starting that day and the week after. This is because the Moon, which represents your mind, eclipses the Sun, which represents your soul. When the mind and soul blot each other out, you act out of alignment. 

The earth is very controlled by the moon and her energies. As she moves through the sky and waxes and wanes, you will notice shifts in yourself and in nature. This is especially noticeable during full moons. Animals and people tend to have heightened emotions and act a little bit crazy. It's where we get the word LUNAtic from, or lunacy. The word derives from lunaticus meaning "of the moon" or "moonstruck". (For those of you that don't know luna=moon. Words that you see that have luna in them derive from this word. Also where you see "moo" or "mo" such as month, monday, money, mood, etc. All of these have to do with the moon). 

So why does the moon catch the bad rep for making us crazy? The Moon is closest to the earth. so therefor she effects us the most and on a day to day basis. She moves through the sky very fast, entering and exiting a zodiac sign in a quick 2.5 days. On top of that, she is becoming visible and invisible over the course of the month (hence why MOnth is what we call a 28 day period). Because the Moon effects our mind, you will find that as she is changing so are you. 

This can make us quite the erratic creatures. One day happy one day mad, next day sad, then happy again. It's a lot of ups and downs. It makes our eMOtions (e-motion as in energy motion as in MOON MOtion). If we just allow ourselves to be controlled by this, and we do since the majority of us are unconscious of her, we will tend to be all over the place and allow the energy of the day we wake up to determine how we fee for that day. BUT, the whole point of your existance on this earth-- be ready-- isn't to just wake up, go to work, have emotional responses to everything that happens in your day, eat, repeat, then die one day. Shocker. You are here on earth, yet again, to accomplish something. That accomplishment is actually the self. Forget all the other shit you think you have going on or desire to do. Because none of that matters and won't be accomplished any way if you don't begin to have mastery over self. You are here to become a master of you and thats it. When you can do this everything else falls into place. 

Now today we live in a society where the majority don't even look up at her and I wouldn't be surprised if half of them don't even realize a moon exists and think it's just the city lights brightening up the sky at night. But not you. Your here because you want to be more in tune with her (especially as a woman!!) which means what you truly want, is to be more in tune with yourself. You want to understand yourself more, and you are subconsciously wanting to have more mental balance in your life. 

Our society is set up so you never become awakened to this. We are all in an illusion that we are just here trying to survive. People are constantly talking about how they "aren't coming back" meaning, they don't want to reincarnate again, but are coming from this place of "it sucks here I hate this", which when you study the eastern religions where reincarnation comes from, you will see that to not reincarnate means you have reached moshka- you have evolved so much as a human on earth, you become one with god. The majority of the people here in the west saying this are so far away from this that they are just looking for an exit strategy to not have to deal with it any more. This ensures many more reincarnations. When I see this, in my eyes I see a beginner on the path that still has a long way to go. 

To ascend, to transform, to elevate, to have self control, is to know the Moon. The more you get to know her and her moods the more you will understand the self. Here is what you can do to start:

-Get a notebook and a moon tracking app. I use an app called "Full Moon". It's excellent and notifies me when the moon changes sign, You can also see the phases and sign for months in advance. 

-Each day jot down a couple sentences about how you felt. It doesn't need to be crazy detail. Just a few things you noticed. Were you calm all day? More positive than usual? More anxious than usual? Looking to numb out? Record the sign and wax/wane phase. 

-Now the most important. Your spiritual practice. What is it? Now I regret to inform you that pulling a tarot card in the morning to predict your day isn't a spiritual practice and is actually the opposite of one. Unless your question is "what should work on in myself today" then we can use this a bit. But it still within itself isn't a practice thats going to help you actually gain control of this mind of yours, but it could be the starting point. 

You have to ask yourself if you even know what a spiritual practice is first. The west is so disconnected from spirituality it is insane. We are kept busy worrying about basic survival so we can't have one (which I could of course argue is done on purpose.)

Your practice should involve a way to quiet your mind. If you can gain control over your mind, you will gain control over how you respond to your life. And this will shift your entire life experience. 

So let's talk about meditation. I already know... "I can't meditate my mind wanders." Well yeah. Isn't that the main problem? You have no control over your mind? Do you think sitting in a room with your eyes closed is going to suddenly make you stop thinking? Nope. It's going to kick up the thinking and make it worse because you don't have anything to distract yourself like you usually do. Just think, how many of you have to take sleep aids? It's because you can't quiet your mind when your laying in stillness. This doesn't come natural for humans in todays society because we are HIGHLY over stimulated. We are being trained to have short attention spans with social media, with topic changes at the swipe of a finger, and jobs that require us to over produce, in a society that is constantly stimulating us. This keeps our mind changing topics constantly and running down rabbit holes, as well as creating whole story lines that don't even exist that you end up having emotion response to as if it were real. The amount of energy that this all takes leaves you feeling depleted and exhausted and it all went toward mostly fantasy "what-if's". 

See, you NEED meditation, and I just proved it LOL! 

Your mind is a muscle that needs training. Right now it's a wild animal changing as much as the moon. As you begin to train her, you will tame her. And when you tame the mind, you will have your life experience tamed. Note what I said there please. Your LIFE won't be tamed, but your EXPERIENCE of it. And this is the goal. Because once you have this, 99% of your issues go away. Your mental suffering begins to cease its existence. You will be able to look at each life challenge as another tool for your elevation--which is all it truly is any way. 

So let's address what meditation is NOT. It is NOT sitting in silence with no thoughts entering and exiting your mind. That is not possible. If your mind isn't thinking you are brain dead. 

There is actually always a focus for meditation. You meditate a lot in your day, actually. Mostly on negative things that end up coming to fruition because you've given it so much energy. So we have to switch this up. 

For me personally because of my current spiritual path, my focus in on my Deity. When I meditate, I am chanting under controlled breathing and focusing on the Deity I want to become most like. Since I am a single mom to very young children, this is at a different time of day each day, sometimes for only 10 minutes, sometimes 20. On occasion I get a full hour which I love! 

Guided meditations are also amazing. They key in these (also in any meditation) is to loose yourself so that you go beyond space and time. You don't have a problem doing this, as you do it with negative things all day. How many times have you lived a negative experience out in your mind that hasnt even happened? I mean, you do it while you drive every day. 

In the meditation as your mind begins to wander, you just bring yourself back to what you are doing. I like using the analogy of a fishing pole. You slowly reel yourself back in when the line gets too far out. You don't frantically reel it in and then get mad at it for not staying where you told it. That would scare away the fish and is also silly. Just slowly and softly reel yourself back in to what you are doing. 

Let go of expectation and a goal. Start with a guided mediation on youtube if you want and go from there. (Be sure to find one without ads!) I also have some posted in the Creatrix Circle, and will upload more there as well in the "Resource" tab. 

With daily practice of this you will find yourself being able to release much of your fantasy, have a more stable mood, and a much calmer and happier time during your life. Over time your meditations will become deeper and longer, and eventually you will find yourself walking through your days more in the present moment, not reacting to every change of the moon no longer needing your little notebook, and ascending past the mundane life you were never meant to live out. The daily initiations of the Moon will no longer bring out your inner lunatic, but instead be a source of ilLUMination.

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