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These candles were made during the Venus Jupiter conjunction, (the luckiest day of the year! ) in the hour of Venus.


Venus rules over the finer things in life, money, material possessions, love, relationships, pleasure, creation and growth.  Marsilio Ficino, the Renaissance philosopher says, "Venus is very good for a healthy and prosperous life…”

Jupiter is known as the greater benefic and brings abundance and blessings and expands what it touches. These two together can bring the most abundant of blessings. I fixed these candles during the hour of Venus with specific prayers to both luminaries. They are dressed with a 13 herb mixture to bring in and protect financial abundance from business and from other sources. Burn these candles over your business card or written petition. If there is wax left over bury it in a plant and place it at the front door of your business, or burry it near the front door of your home.

Venus Jupiter Wealth Candles

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