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Psychic Readings

Book a Reading That Best Suits Your Needs

Tarot Readings

Psychic Tarot Card Readings

Half Hour  /   $65

Full Hour /    $115

Have questions about your life path? Feel stuck in a rut? Need help with career choices, relationships, family, or just need some guidance in general? A one on one private psychic tarot reading my be just the guidance your looking for! 


Tarot is generally looked at as a fortune telling device that tells you what is going to happen in the future, but it is so much more than that! Tarot is a deeply mystical system of many symbols and meanings that can truly help guide us through life. With the right Reader, the tarot can be a marvelous soul teacher that helps you transform and manifest the life path you desire and were meant to live. 


In my readings I may switch to different decks depending on what we are trying to do in the moment and how I am being lead by my Spirits. I also read dice, scry, and of course utilize my main gift of being clairvoyant. 

Divination helped me to transform my own life and continues to everyday. As your reader it is my passion and priority to help you just as much. My purpose and dedication in life is to help people revolutionize their way of thinking and doing so that they may manifest their own purpose and goals and walk in their true power. It is my honor to help you awaken that powerful, divine spirit within that is calling to come out!

Video Readings

Video Reading

Half Hour $65

Sometimes its hard to mesh our schedules together to have a set phone time or meet in person. Video readings are great for this! Send me your questions and you will receive a 30 minute video of a reading to answer your questions and help to guide you! Please allow for a minimum 48 hours turn around for video delivery.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing Reading                                      


Intuitive healing readings are a complete energy scan of the aura using my own personal method of energy reading. I have an extensive background in nutrition and holistic health and own my own wellness store in SWFL. Healing is something that I believe must be addressed on a spiritual and emotional level first. When the soul can become healed then the body can. Often our physical bodies will become ill when the spiritual and emotional body has become sick in some way. This can be through blockages, trauma that is being held on to, unhealed emotional wounds, and more. 

Scans can be done in person or over the phone. Through my gifts and with the help of my spirit guides I will be able to scan your energy field and see what may be going on. This is an active session and it is by working together we will be able to assist your healing. I will be able to energetically shift things, receive intuitively what your own personal next steps are, and together we will come up with a plan best suited for you and your situation.

Being that healing is an on-going adventure, after your initial reading follow up scans are discounted to ensure you can remain on your healing path. For more questions on this process please feel free to use the contact box to send me a message!

Initial/ $185 
Follow Up/$75


This service combines astrology and my psychic tarot services in order to work through blockages in your life. These blockages could seem fairly new to you or issues you've been struggling with your whole life. By looking at your birth chart, current transits, and channeling in my spirit guides and planetary energies we can find what your blocks actually are and how to transform them. No matter what astrological conditions we are currently experiencing or born under, we have the power to shapeshift our reality and how we perceive things. Awareness is the key to transformation and thats what this consultation is all about. Discover and transform. 

60 minutes. $177



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