Shapeshifter Program

What is a Shapeshifter Mentorship?


Feel like you are in need of a monthly program that will help you with guidance and transformation? Wanting to get deeper in tune with the mystic realms and your own spirit guides, so that you can begin to transform your life and start your spiritual journey? Or maybe you feel stuck on your current path and need some help moving forward? Then the Shapeshifter Program is for YOU!

Depending on what you are looking to do, there are three different specially customized tiers for you to choose from that will best fit what part of your journey you are on and how deep you wany to get. Here is some of whats included:


Monthly Video Readings— Each month you will receive a private reading from me through phone call, zoom, or recorded video (depending on teir) from me where I channel in messages from the spirit realm and relay to you specific advice and guidance, as well as what you can expect for the month. 


Transformational Mantra— I channel in a specific mantra tailored JUST FOR YOU and what will help you to transform that month. These will come with instructions on how to specifically use each one.


Spirit Totem— Totems can be animals, plants, or minerals. Each one of these have spirits that are specific to different purposes. Each month you will receive a totem to work with, complete with instructions on how to approach these spirits and work with them in your day to day life.


Products— For those in the top tier, you will receive a product of the month that is only released to those signed up in a mentorship, and the public will not have access to. 

Candle Altar Services- You will have private access to my Candle Burning service on my Spirit altars, which is now closed to the public. You can specially request what type of candle you want or you can have me choose what will suit you best for that month according to your reading.

Private Coaching- Sometimes you need extra guidance during the month. Maybe you have questions about situations you are encountering, and need extra navigation & support. This gives you access to me through telegram, where you can leave me text or voice messages and I can help assist. I can give you help with rituals, extra guidance as needed, and pull some tarot cards if necessary through out the month.

Telegram Group- You will be added to a private telegram group where I post up spiritual advice, daily encouragement, health tips, videos, live streams, and more. This content is priceless and will be added to daily, one or more times per day! This is an active community where you will be non-stop learning, getting encouragement, and communicating with others that are on a similar path to you! Don't go on this journey alone-- be part of a community that has the same goals and and outlooks and will keep you motivated, encouraged, and supported during this time!


This mentorship program is excellent for those really wanting to learn more about the magic and mysteries of the the mystic realms and wanting to transform their lives and walk their highest path!


Choose from the below packages that best tailors to your needs at this time:

Choose Your Membership

  • The Fox

    Every month
    The Transformational Journey
    • 30 Minute Live Zoom or Phone Reading ($65 value)
    • One Candle Service on Altar ($55 value)
    • Private Telegram Group Access ($27 value)
    • Total Value= $147
  • The Raven

    Every month
    Change Your Life Through the Deepest Transformation
    • 15 Minute Recorded Video Tarot Reading ($35 Value)
    • Personal Transformation Mantra&Spirit Totem ($45 Value)
    • Product of the Month ($45-$75 Value)
    • 10% Off All Store Products
    • Private Telegram Group ($27 Value)
    • Unlimited Private Coaching ($150+ Value)
    • Access to Candle Altars at discounted rate ($55 Value)
    • Total Value=$387+