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It's that time!! Get an in depth view of your year with the most accurate form of divination that I do- Geomancy. 


Geomancy is an ancient Arabic form of divination. Traditionally it was done by the diviner going into a trance state and focusing on the question of the querent. They would then draw 16 lines of dots in the sand, and through these dots using basic math, create 16 figures that are placed in a Shield chart and Astrological House chart.  Geomancy takes much skill to learn and practice, and is more than just a divination tool. Each symbol of geomancy has a spirit, energy, and story behind it. This system gives incredibly accurate answers to questions, and also gives an in depth look at a person life when the sheild chart is viewed. 


For a year ahead outlook, I go through each astrological house and interpet the symbol of that house. I also give an over all outlook and energy of how the year will turn out, and what you main focuses should be, but also any areas of concern. 


At the end of the reading I will also cast you a sabian symbol for the year and go in detail about this symbol. 


These readings will be recorded video, and will take me two days to complete as they are very intensive, in-depth looks into each of the 12 areas of your life.


They will cover:

-Your identity


-Friendship circle

-Home and private life





-Love life

-Partners finances (if applicable)





-Things hidden from you


Once you purchase the reading I will put you in the Que and email you an estimated date of completion!  Firt come first serve basis!

Zodiacal Year Ahead Geomancy Reading

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